One of the last paradises
of Mallorca.


As a family, we have been looking after our property for over 15 years –
one of the last paradises of Mallorca.

Do not light fires,

camp or have picnics!


Never leave any rubbish or sanitary products behind. In order to avoid fires,
we kindly ask you not to smoke. Take your cigarette butts with you in order to protect the marine life. Dispose of your rubbish in the waste bins on the side of the road. Please only walk on the marked pedestrian paths.

The loss of invaluable ecosystem functions has serious consequences –
for humans as well.

Maren und Hans-Peter Oehm

The Foundation


We founded in May 2014, the Foundation „Fundació Amics d‘Es Caló des Moro – S‘Almonia“.


We prevented the construction of a hotel on this large area (covering approx. 40,000 m2). At that time, we found it full of rubbish, with sawn-off trees and soil that had been ruined. With a lot of dedication, we personally took on the task of clearing the area and planting it with around 2,000 (almost) indigenous plants, from which, despite painstaking work, only a small number prospered. This meant preparing holes in the rocky soil, carried off soil and supplying plants with the irrigation that was put in place by us. Many animals and birds have returned here to establish a home.


By making a donation you can support our work. By your actions you help the endangered plant and animal life. Only the human being as a polluter can also end the pollution.

Many thanks!


Amics d‘Es Caló des Moro – S’Almonia


Account for donations:

IBAN: ES59 0075 6815 30 0600483960


Donation Form online

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Amics d‘Es Caló des Moro – S’Almonia


Maren and Hans-Peter Oehm

C Rafalet, 8

07650 Santanyi